2023 Intern Testimonials

“The internship program provided me with an inside look into our local water and wastewater treatment plants. It was incredibly interesting to learn what all goes into the processes that give us our clean water, and the wastewater treatment processes that are necessary to protect our local waterways. I enjoyed hands on experience in various water testing methods and learning the lab procedures at each plant. I met so many wonderful people in the program that were able to explain every step of the water treatment process.”


Jadie, 2023 Internship Participant

“I had an amazing opportunity to be a part of the WWIP during the summer of 2023. It allowed me to work with multiple people from each authority and learn about what their typical day looks like. I also learned a great deal about how the water and wastewater process works. It allowed me to do hands on work that helped me gain a lot of knowledge. This opportunity opened my eyes to careers I had never thought about before.”

Lily, 2023 Internship Participant

“I had a lot of fun during the internship program and was able to learn a lot about the water and wastewater industry. For example, it was really interesting that we (North Penn Water Authority) get our water from the Delaware River, and then Lake Galena is used as a holding tank – the entire sourcing process is really interesting.  The volume used was really surprising.

Everyone I worked with in the program was extremely helpful.  They would describe what they were doing and why they were doing it.  Participating in this internship helped me find an area of work that I would enjoy, even though I never thought about it previously.” 

Troy, 2023 Internship Participant

“The Water & Wastewater Internship Program was a very unique and valuable experience in many ways. It helped me figure out that I like working in the lab setting, which has been very beneficial when looking for future jobs. As a biology major, this internship was catered towards my interests in environmental science, learning various ways about the importance of keeping water clean. This internship was also very interesting as you get to learn from people from all different walks of life and experience a day in their lives.”


Ruby, 2023 Internship Participant

2022 Intern Testimonials

“I participated in the WWIP during the summer of 2022. It was a really unique and enlightening experience seeing how much care and knowledge goes into water and wastewater operations. The internship moved me so much I applied for a job in water quality at one of the municipalities, and I’m enjoying the opportunity to continue along in the field!”

Alexa, Water Quality Trainee at North Wales Water Authority

“The internship program helped expose me to multiple career options with hands on experience in the environmental field. I was able to secure a good job while doing good work for the community. I met many experts in the field, made valuable contacts, received career guidance, and got an inside look into both the drinking and wastewater industries. I entered the program about to graduate with an associate degree in environmental science. The internship helped me define what that means as a career and led to multiple job opportunities in the industry.”

Jake, Wastewater Laboratory Technician at Chalfont-New Britain Township Sewage Authority

“The Water & Wastewater Internship Program was a fantastic opportunity that made me consider potential careers I would’ve never considered without this program. I got to work with dozens of wonderful people that expertly explained every step of the water & wastewater processes. It was very cool to see behind the curtain and understand all that it takes to make sure your taps work and your toilet flushes.” 

Elijah, 2022 Internship Participant

“I had a great experience participating in the internship program, and it was definitely a big resume builder to get my current position. The internship gave me an introduction to many of the laboratory techniques I use every day, as well as background knowledge on the treatment process as a whole. Thanks so much to everyone else involved in this internship experience!”

Erin, Wastewater Laboratory Technician, Florida

“The WWIP was an incredible experience that taught me a lot about everything the world of water and wastewater has to offer.  I got involved with nearly every aspect of the industry, from lab work to cleaning the headworks, and my experience was tailored to my interests.  In addition to learning invaluable communication skills, the program offers excellent work experience and I made lasting connections with industry professionals.  I recommend the WWIP to anyone seeking professional experience or a career in this field!”

Ethan, 2022 Internship Participant