WWIP – Water and Wastewater Internship Program

Forest Park Water Treatment Plant in Chalfont, PA

Welcome! We are now accepting applications for this exciting internship opportunity!  This approximately 9 week summer internship program is designed to introduce you to the career opportunities in the water industry.  The program will run from June through August 2023 with a flexible start date. What we do each and every day is so very important to the lives of our neighbors and our families.  We provide clean drinking water, and we remove the sanitary or “gray” water from homes and businesses.  That sanitary water is then filtered, treated and cleaned so that it can be recycled back into the water system.  The water and wastewater industry completes the water cycle to ensure healthy lives for both humans and aquafauna in our neighborhoods and towns.

Throughout the course of this program you will be introduced to careers in the trades, in environmental sciences and in business administration.  We have career paths for those who like to be outside and work with their hands, for those who want to create GIS mapping systems, for those who love numbers and accounting and for folks interested in chemistry and environmental impacts.

If you think this is the program for you, explore our menus and you’ll be ready to go!

Wastewater Sedimentation Tank